Taking your fitness journey seriously goes beyond the work you put in with a me as your trainer or at the gym. It requires dedication and discipline in many areas of your life, like healthy dieting and a regular sleep schedule.

Healthy eating is NOT more expensive or more difficult than a regular diet – the right planning and habits can easily change the way a person eats and lead to a better fitness lifestyle. In fact, it can also fit in while you’re out and about at a seasonal Christmas market.

Blackwood and the surrounding area have over 25  markets, and I have all the tricks you need to know to best navigate these with a healthy eating agenda in mind.

  1. Have a Plan

Like any big goal you have in mind, you have to make a plan. A Christmas  market can be the perfect playground for your inner fit foodie just as much as it can steer you away from your goals. Arrive with a plan in mind about what you want to buy. Think about what produce is in season, what lasts well in the fridge, and the kind of food you want to eat.  Planning the kind of meals you want to prep can help when temptation comes your way. There are many sweets and delicious delights at a  market, but sticking to your list will help significantly.

  1. Walk the Market First

Although your list is important, don’t just start shopping at the first vendor you see. Always do a lap around the market to check out what is going on. You might be able to find deals for bundles or mixing and matching produce. Walking the market also gives you a chance to take everything in. It’s kind of like the rule of not going to the grocery store when you’re hungry – it allows you to focus on what you’re really there for. Scope out the best places (and prices) to buy what is on your list then start shopping – do your best not to nibble on a free sample from the local baker.

  1. Ask Questions and Get to Know You’re the stall holders

Most food stall holders  have a genuine love for food. They can give you more cooking and preparation ideas to keep your healthy eating journey interesting and exciting. This will be of great benefit later on, because sometimes sticking to healthy eats means switching up your routine.

Stall holders  can give you new recipes to try or even just produce you may have never noticed before. You’ll be surprised how just one simple change can completely transform a meal or a routine in general.

  1. Buy in Bulk

While it is important to try new types of produce and healthy food recipes, there are some things you can buy in bulk. Buying in bulk has multiple benefits. It can save you money over time, give you a go-to meal or snack to stay on track, and, usually, it will last a while at home. The best bulk items to buy are nuts. These have a long shelf life, and they are very popular in healthy eating recipes.


Remember, much of your fitness journey starts in the kitchen, and your kitchen habits can get a serious upgrade from the Christmas market. Need a little motivation or a routine to get started? Contact me  today to talk about your training options!

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