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Where have I been?

In the while since I have blogged for Greg, I graduated with a First Class Honours, got a job in the University, moved house and quit smoking (again). So it’s been a busy few months!!!

Since I last blogged I gained 10lbs and have since lost 6lbs of the gain. Life is all about ups and downs and I realised I need the stress to keep me motivated!!! By mid July, I had moved and settled into the new house, graduated and looked forward to 6 weeks with the kids before I started my new job. I got lazy. I got complacent. I fell back into bad habits…eating junk food, eating chocolate, sweets, biscuits in the nights. It wasn’t just me, my partner (yes him the skinny runner man) willing joined me in laziness and crap eating. I needed a kick up the ass and that’s where Greg came in!!! We had a sit down and a talk worked on refocusing myself and as the 6 week holiday was approaching, it was decided I would attend the kids classes on a Monday & Friday with Greg and Nez.

Kids Classes and getting back on plan

So off we toddled on the Monday, me and Rhys (6) to the class while Cerys (17) planned to spend her time in the gym. HAHA as if Greg would let her…he dragged her to the class too!!! We loved it, working as a team, encouraging each other and also a bit of “friendly” competition. All was well until I bent over in the 2nd week and put my lower back to spasm!!!! Great, stuck on Diazepam and barely able to walk just as I got my mojo back. Well I couldn’t let this beat me. If I couldn’t exercise, I could at least eat well. So for 2 weeks i lost a lb a week being practically immobile and just eating. The last 2 weeks I have lost a further 4lb as I have been able to move more. I even “ran” a 5k, so there was probably less than 2.5k total running and took me almost 49 minutes but I was happy with it. Diet wise I have my own mini Greg living with me. Greg told Rhys he has to tell me off and smack my bum if I eat unhealthy food, so he keeps me on track and smacks my bum if I head for the biccy jar!!! Additionally, Rhys and I also made healthy tasty burritos for tea the other day so he has also been learning more about healthy life choices, which is always a positive thing for the whole family.

Where am I heading?

Since I got my butt back into gear, James (a.k.a. the skinny runner man – who has developed a tubby belly due to our laziness) has also gone back out running. We have also made plans for James to get me running the 5k Mo run and doing a 5k Invincibl. We now have a purpose and motivation to achieve our goals. 


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