One on One Personal Training


At Greg Jones Personal Training we believe that you will always benefit from our personal training programme, whether you are starting a new fitness regime or have been working out for a while, we’re here to help you attain the results you are searching for.


Together our experienced training team will create a bespoke program that fits into your lifestyle that helps you reach both short-term and long-term fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, enhance sports performance, gently return to exercise following an injury or even just the desire to make a change, we want to hear from you and our advice is always free

1 to 1 Personal Training

Working out, but not achieving results

If you have been working out for weeks but experience neither weight loss nor are you getting stronger why not refine your workout and get on the right track with the expertise of a personal trainer?

We’ll take the time to chat through your existing exercise routine, the goals if you have them, new goals if you want them, and of course all the other aspects of your lifestyle such as your diet and nutrition. Our advice is always free so there’s nothing to worry about when you get in touch, no financial commitment, we are just super happy to share our knowledge.

If you do decide to join our training community, we can create progressive and achievable plans for you, and we’ll gladly partner you in your training journey by providing motivation and demanding accountability to bring about real change.

Isn’t it time your hard work paid off!

1 to 1 Personal TrainingReady to give up

You may have found the ideal workout that fits in your busy week and you may enjoy it at the start, but after a while of the same similar workout routine, you start to feel less enthusiasm – well we’ve all been there so you’re not on your own.

Amazingly, your body will get used to the exercise routine and eventually it consumes less energy providing not-so amazing results. That’s where the lack motivation you’ve been feeling for your workouts comes from, so really it’s not your fault.

Fear not! A personal trainer will shake things up for you. Avoiding repetition and boredom, your interest in training will be rekindled with creative variations and learning workouts on new equipments that take you out of your comfort zone. Your body will be continually challenged and it will burn more calories, resulting in a more successful workout.

Take a leaf of out of the book of our clients and embark on the specialised expertise of a personal trainer who will set out to make every workout fun and refreshing for you.


1 to 1 Personal Training

 Jump Start your fitness

Ever find yourself battling work-life and home-life and wondering just how on earth you’ll squeeze in a gym session or class? As you pursue a successful career, you may have lacked time or energy to maintain your fitness – does this sound like you?

Research shows that a healthy body and mind helps you maintain an edge in business. So if you’re going to commit an hour in the gym be sure to make it count A personal trainer will increase your workout efficiency – creating dynamic routines that use minimum amount of time. So you get to reap the maximum benefits from effective workouts to get back into shape and enjoy a balanced state of health.

If you have a medical condition, your exercise routine should also differ from the general offered workouts and classes. Personal training gives you the opportunity to complete workouts designed just for you based on your medical history and fitness needs. The expertise of our trainers means they will partner you through the process, help you maintain some fitness while recovering.


1 to 1 Personal TrainingMilestone Training

Are you signed up for a marathon, an adventure race or perhaps a mountain climbing trip? Have you perhaps signed up for a challenge and now you’re running out of time to get in condition to complete it? Sounds familiar? Our team of personal trainers’ supportaspiring runners, climbers, walkers even thrill seekers, to successfully complete in their first event, and show experienced athletes how to take their game to the next level.

We understand that successful racing and outdoor expeditions require knowledge, planning, and dedicated physical preparation. We can help you in your quest by taking care of the physical aspect of your training. Our experienced trainers will provide systematic and science-based approaches to refine desired fitness techniques (be it sprints or distances or agility). We will monitor your progress and train you to be at your best whilst staying injury free.

This leaves you free to work on the tactical aspects of competing or planning for other logistics of your expedition. Make the most of your race preparation as our trainers partner you on the fitness journey and go for the win.


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