My Transformation

It was never my intention to compete at anything. As a matter of fact, the first words I said to Greg was that I didn’t really have a goal to work too, instead, I just wanted to be in the best shape of my life. I was 10.5 stone at that point, and not in the least carried well in a short 5ft 2in frame.

 My body had sustained over 30 years of feast verses famine, as well as the ravages of putting my career before all else – 70 hour working weeks fueled by quick fix foods and business social events. I often joke that I could have written a PHD research paper on the subject of the buffet.

In August 2016, I was just driving through Ystrad Mynach after picking up a sneaky Chinese for one (hubby works away), when a fresher faced woman whizzed past me in a Greg Jones running top, closely followed by a quick footed flock of the same. There at the back of the pack sat the supported runners, one foot in front of the other, making a stand to making a difference. I cast an eye to the take-out on the passenger seat. I drew breathe and thought that should be me out there. If I’d thrown the Chinese away, it would have probably made for a better story, but the truth is I ate every last morsel, however, as it turns out, little did I know that it was the last Chinese I was to eat for 6 months – I know, read on.

In the days that followed, I joined the running club, and after the initial shock of finding out that the sprint session was in fact just the warm up to the actual run, I found that with the teams support I could run up a hill without the thought that I should be carrying a defibulator. I got to know Greg a little better and I saw first hand the dramatic effect his 1-2-1 training and nutritional plans were making to others and so I thought, my turn please.

All my adult life I’ve dedicated myself to my career and I’ve done very well, so thank you life. But now in my 40’s I realized that something was missing, and I only had that emotional epiphany when I started dedicating myself to training with Greg. He started me off on a 12 week bespoke transformation program. This program included a customized tailored meal plan designed for my needs both while at home but importantly while I was travelling, along with a suggested workout regiment and 1-2-1 sessions. In that first 12 weeks I lost my first stone and more importantly I changed my body shape and oodles of inches. An amount that blew my mind since I’ve been trying for the last 10 years to lose that sort of weight, and gain this sort of shape.

In December I bought my first ever bikini, and wearing it made me feel really proud but a little sad, as I realized I had wasted all those years covering up, concerned only with buying the clothes that hid the real me.  The hubby and I took a weeks leave close to Christmas and travelled to the sunnier climbs of Gran Canaria. I I’d never felt so wonderful or enjoyed a holiday so much. No more hiding under a flowing kaftan for me – nope, it was figure hugging confidence all the way. Now I’m not saying that I snapped necks when I cat-walked around the pool, but I certainly did turn heads, one being my husbands – result. Of course I didn’t embark on my transformational journey for anyone else; I really did it for my own well-being both emotionally, physically, and for my own self-esteem. Today at just 9 stone and more toned than most women I of my age I know,  it’s like winning the health lottery.

In February 2017, with the support of Greg, I decided to push my fitness to the next level and train to compete in my first Invncbl challenge, a 10km route with 31 military style muddy challenging obstacles.  I decided to compete to see how far I could push myself and guess what, I did it – I didn’t just complete it, I smashed it (#smug)

So now my story comes full circle.  It was never my intention to compete, but Greg, annoyingly, is always right when it comes to training. He tells me to focus on a goal and remember that you cannot out-train a bad diet. All this progress was not due to exercise alone. A proper nutrition plan from Greg  alongside an exercise program has given me the results I’ve always dreamed of – not a person I wanted to look like but instead something far better – a better version of myself.

Greg Jones, don’t tell my hubby, but you’re my hero.

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