"A Simple way to a happier and healthier you"

Our 8-week programme has proven to help hundreds of clients gain long-term success in weight loss and overall improved physical and mental health.

We will give you all the tools and support to build and healthier and happier you for the future not just for the 8-week programme.

We will teach you to adapt your lifestyle and working patterns to fit in a balanced, realistic healthy eating pattern and an active way of life.

We don’t use shock, drastic, unsustainable exercise and eating routines,  or any man-made dieting products, just healthy natural foods to help you reach your targets in a controlled balance way that you will feel is sustainable.

The programme will leave you feeling more alert, less bloated, you won’t feel hungry and you will have new found energy levels and improved sleeping patterns.

8 Week Programme Expectations

Programme Kick Off


  • Meet & Greet: We have an elite limited number on each programme, you will watch a welcome video that will help answer your questions and put your mind at rest and follow our easy checklist to ensure you are ready to start


  • Weigh-in: We will analyse your biometrics and physical measurements not just your weight.


  • Diet Plan: You will have a customised programme pack to help you keep on track and a choice of meal plans to suit you and your lifestyle


Photos: We will use your photos to provide you with comparison shots to track your achievements and celebrate your success, this is of course completely optional and shared only with yourselves.



  • Training plans: You will have a choice of a number of training plans to follow if you would rather train at home than your local gym, these are available with instructional videos and a number of master classes or use one of our gym based plans at your nearest training facility


  • Challenges: We will set you a number of weekly challenges and daily workout routines to keep things interesting.


Programme Support


  • Mentoring: You will have access to our member’s area with educational and motivational videos as well as Greg Jones and the team to answer any questions you may have and to offer general support.


  • Weight Tracking: Every week you will weigh yourself and input your figure in your personal member area, we will access your progress and change your kcal target every two weeks to help you hit your target


 Programme Completion


  • Maintenance Plan: After your 8 weeks, you will receive comparison photographs and figure analysis of your progress, we’ll issue you a maintenance plan to ensure that you keep those pounds and inches off, and of course we’re always here to help you further.


  • Support: As part of our community, you can count on continued on going support via our members area and social media channels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How do I get in touch with you

Please call my mobile 07538 420983 or fill out the contact form below

How much is the eight week course?

For Elite Members the cost is £69.00 for all others £109.00


Can I mix the diet plans?

Not the intermittent fasting option but the clean eating plan and the fixed meal plan you can

Can I drink diet coke?

No, the sweeteners will lead to sugar craving and damage your teeth, can stimulate your body to store fat, can be addictive and can deplete nutrients, make you hungry and thirsty for more

How much water should I drink?

Females should aim for 2-3 litres a day and males 3-4 litres a day as you are now in the active range

Can I still consume caffeine?

Ideally no, caffeine is a false stimulant and will stop you sleeping properly, Caffeine increases agitation, blood pressure and anxiety, it takes 4-6 hours for your body to half the level of caffeine in your system so each caffeine drink will take over 24 hours to fully leave your system.

Can I drink decaffeinated drinks?

Yes, these drinks have 95% of the caffeine removed so the side effects are negligible


Can I use sweeteners?

Its all about finding a life balance, sweeteners are better than sugar but will lead to sugar cravings around 20 minuets after consuming them as they trick your body into thinking it has had sugar so it releases insulin dropping your blood sugars

Can I use jar sauces, like the low fat varieties?

These products are often very misleading, they are low in fat but very high in sugar and salt, bleach is also low in fat but it does not mean that it is good for you to eat!

Can I drink fruit teas?

Yes, green tea is proven to increase your metabolism and keeps you away from sugary tea and coffee

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